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Project Manager's FAQ

TransMyApp is a platform designed to provide translation service for global software products. No matter your product is App, website or computer software, it can be translated into multiple languages here. Then people all over the world can understand your product. There are 3 features: 1. Totally human translation; 2. Work done fast ; usually it only takes 1-2 hours to complete the translation of a small or medium product. 3. Succinct and brief; our registered translators will use simple words to translate to make it easier to understand for the public.
Of course, this will be ten more efficient for you both. You can invite previous translators to join your project here. Our system will automatically count the words, and they can translate online. You can directly import the final file to your project to use. Operation steps: Find “My Projects” in your background system, check the menu at the upper-right corner of each project, and select “Invite Translators” to send an invitation link to your translators, then they can join the project to start working after registration.
It is recommended for a beginner to follow these steps to complete the translation of a new project.
1. Register an account at the homepage;
2. Check “My TransMyApp”- “I'm a Project Manager”- “My Projects” to create a new project;
3. Upload your file. Select “...” at the upper-right corner of the project you just created, then choose “Upload Multilingual Files”; if the file needs to be translated into multiple languages, please upload for several times.
4. Create orders for each target language. Select “...” at the upper-right corner of the project, then choose “Invite Public Translators” to create new orders for each target language. The project will be started when it is claimed by some translators, you could check the progress at any time.
5. When the translation is completed, both sides will rate each other.
6. Export translated files. Select “...” at the upper-right corner of the project you just created, choose “Export Translation Files”, then you can replace it with your original files for direct use.
Translation quality is what we care most. We deeply understand the importance of translation quality to a translation platform. Compared with other universal crowdsourcing platform, we are focusing on software product translation, which is different from other document translation. It requires succinct and clear words rather than professional terms. It is supposed to be translated in a more oral way. Therefore, common methods for document translation are not suitable for software product translation. In addition, we guarantee a higher quality than other universal platforms. Meanwhile, in our platform, different levels translators require different prices, so you can choose the most suitable translator for your project.
On the basis of ensuring translation quality, our translation speed will be faster than other general-purpose platforms. Generally for a project, the translator can complete the translation within 1-2 hours after receiving the order. We will ensure that translators can only take one order at a time. After completing one order, you can take the next order. There will not be a situation where some translators in other general platforms take many orders at once, resulting in a decrease in efficiency.
Sure. Some translators, especially those novice translators are willing to provide free translations. Please recommend TransMyApp and these translators in your project:
If your project is a mobile App
1. Please add a sentence and link into your product description in app store: “Translated by TransMyApp”, which is linked with our homepage. 2. Add "Translation team" anywhere in the app. Link to the project homepage of our website.
If your project is a website
1. Add the text: "Translated by TransMyApp" at the bottom of the homepage, and link to the homepage of our website.2. Add a link of “Translation Team” at the bottom of your website, which directs to the project homepage of TransMyApp.
After completing above steps, please email us with your App download link/website address, then you could have the permission to keep using free translations.
Each level of our translators is:
1. Private Translator: Register an account in our platform. They can be invited by project providers to translate.
2. Free Public Translator: Register and pass the test.
3. Translation Assistant: Complete more than 2 orders and get an average rating of more than 4.2. If translators have certificate to prove their linguistic levels, they can also become Translation Assistants.
4. Translation Commissioner: Complete more than 10 orders and get an average rating of more than 4.5(repeating orders will only be counted once)
5. Senior Commissioner: Complete more than 50 orders and get an average rating of more than 4.6.
6. Translation Expert: Complete more than 100 orders and get an average rating of more than 4.8.
Please use Bitcoin, since our translators are from all over the world, using credit card or bank transfer will cause additional trouble and high service charge. While using Bitcoin can complete the transaction timely without any service charge. Our platform has the access to the API of, whereby it can be used to make transactions without any additional fee. Your money will be transferred to an intermediary account of our platform first, after you have accepted the translation, the money will be immediately transferred to the translator.This will ensure the rights of both parties.
1.VIP 1: Consumption less than 1,000 dollars;
2. VIP 2: Consumption above 1,000 dollars, less than 5,000 dollars;
3. VIP 3: Consumption above 5,000 dollars, less than 10,000 dollars;
4. VIP 4: Consumption above 10,000 dollars, less than 50,000 dollars;
5. VIP 5: Consumption above 50,000 dollars.


The TransMyApp is a crowdsourced translation platform, providing free or multi-price paid human translation service for APPs, websites, games, and software to make them achieve multilingual localization quickly. The translation project management platform is free, so it is suitable for part-time translators.


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