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Tanslator's FAQ

Product translation is the translation of text on the software interface. In terms of translation, it is very different from document translation. The specific requirements are:
1. As short as possible, the space of the interface of mobile phones and websites is limited. It is necessary to display the complete space in a limited space without breaking. As long as the meaning can be understood, one word is missing. For English languages, short words are always better than long words.
2. Words should be easier to understand for the public, avoiding professional jargon. Generally speaking, project owners hope that their products can be accepted by most people. The use of technical terms will make some users unable to understand. The project manager is not acceptable that the language threshold leads to the loss of local users, .
3. It must conform to the wording habits of the natives. Try not to use written language, but to use spoken language. Try to make people think that this is local people developed. This will make it easier for everyone to accept the product. Generall, software product translation  should not be translated word by word, but based on the same meaning, which means what words will be used in the spoken language, then use them.
Translation quality is the core our platform. First, you need to know about the product you are translating. You need to visit the website that needs to be translated or install the app that needs to be translated. Get an overview of where the source language is displayed in the interface and how much space it takes. Then you can start the translation. After the translation is completed, let the project manager import the language into the project, give you a test package, or send you a link to the test website. You need to take a closer look at the translated product and how it will perform in the actual product. Resolving translation errors or text breaks in a timely manner will ensure translation quality. It is also a basic requirement that needs to be achieved as a product translation. When the project managers evaluate, they will see whether you have completed these basic steps and give a corresponding evaluation. The score will have a great impact on the number and level of your subsequent orders. Please follow this step to complete product translation.
If you do not use our platform, translating product  is often: the project manager gives you a source file, which contains an array of source code, each of the content in the array needs to be translated. You need to make a copy, and then put the translated content into the array verbatim one by one against the translation. Finally, in order to count the number of words and calculate the money you deserve, you must also copy the contents of the original array to word or excel to count. The translated documents are then passed to the project party. The project party will calculate the money for you based on the count of words. Or the project party will copy the contents of the array to be translated to an excel document one by one for the convenience of translation and the number of words. After you translate one by one and return the excel file to the project party. The project party then copy and paste back to the array one by one. The whole process is time and energy consuming for both parties.
No one needs to organize the excel file on our platform, just need to upload this array source file. Our system can automatically analyze the array structure, and automatically organize the content that needs to be translated. Besides, the translator can translate online, and the system can automatically count the number of translated words.The project party can pay money to the translator in real time. The project party only needs to export the file and import it directly into the project to use it. Ten times more efficient to improve the efficiency of the entire translation process.
You just have to register an account here, then ask your project party to send an invitation link to you, which could be found in his operation background "I'm Project Manager"- "My Projects"- "..."(top right corner of each project)- "Invite Translator".
Welcome to join us. As for a fresh translator, you need to complete a test to become a Public Translator. If you have some certificate that can show your linguistic proficiency, you can submit it in the background system for us to audit. When it's accepted, you can be updated to “Translation Assistant” to start working. If you don't have any certificate, you need to translate for free first. Once you have finished two projects and got five stars from the project managers, you can be upgraded to “Translation Assistant” to make money.
There are 3 major ways. 1. Upgrade your Translator Level, the higher level you reach, the more you will be paid. You can make more money in limited time. 2. Reduce waiting time. After completing a project, please confirm completion by yourself, then you could receive other orders without waiting for project manager to check and accept. 3. Improve your translation speed and quality. The better rate you get, the more orders you will get easily than others.
Each level of our translators is:
1. Private Translator: Register an account in our platform. They can be invited by project providers to translate.
2. Free Public Translator: Register and pass the test.
3. Translation Assistant: Complete more than 2 orders and get an average rating of more than 4.2. If translators have certificate to prove their linguistic levels, they can also become Translation Assistants.
4. Translation Commissioner: Complete more than 10 orders and get an average rating of more than 4.5(repeating orders will only be counted once)
5. Senior Commissioner: Complete more than 50 orders and get an average rating of more than 4.6.
6. Translation Expert: Complete more than 100 orders and get an average rating of more than 4.8.
Since project managers and translators in our platform are from all over the world, we use U.S. dollar as our pricing currency. And as secured transaction is adopted, to avoid the long wait and huge service charge, the transaction is settled in Bitcoin. It is recommended to use, which is free of service charge and transaction fees, also it can automatically convert your funds into TUSD and then further convert it into U.S. dollar at a rate of 1:1.
If you are using wallet, it can exchange your funds between digital currency and legal tender. If you are using other wallets, you need to transfer the Bitcoin to the bourse to exchange.
Please sign in first, then you can complete at "here" of your background system.
1. Public translators can be upgraded to assistants after certificates being approved. Otherwise, public translators need take two orders to upgrade(Take order voluntarily. No impact on reputation if you don't accept).
2. Now public translators can upgrade to assistant by uploading one language certificate. Multilingual assistants accept orders in other languages also according to assistant level.
3. Translators need to confirm the order within 12 hours after they're matched. They must translate at least 1 word to take effect. The translation needs to be completed within 7 days after taking effect.
4. After finish translation, please check the parts of the copy which don't need to be translated, for example: whether there are extra spaces in special symbols, labels with specific meanings or characters, etc.


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